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Information Sheet
In Case of Emergency

The “ICE” Form

An “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) information form allows you to give vital medical information to paramedics and hospital staff. These forms are easy to read and provide critical information to healthcare providers when you may not be able to communicate due to the emergency.

This form is vital for those living alone because there may be no one who can be contacted quickly to speak for you in an emergency.

How to Use the Form

The form comes as a PDF file, and can be filled in and printed at a computer. Click here to access the form. (Right-click the link, then on the pop-up menu select “Save link as” or “Save target as”.)

We recommend that you save the “ICE” form into your computer, fill it in on the computer, and then print it out – the result is clear and easy to read.

Keep the form up-to-date with any changes in your medical conditions, medications, or personal contacts. If you keep an electronic copy on your computer, you can update and print it whenever anything changes.

Where to Post the Form

After printing the completed form, put the form in a handy place where emergency responders will see it. A good place is the front of your refrigerator – responders will look there first.

More Safety and Emergency Resources

The City of Toronto offers guides and resources for protecting yourself, being equipped for emergencies, and personal safety. Here are two links: