Our club was formed on January 20, 1935, with A. T. Smith as president. 

At that time the club was known as The Telephone Pioneers of America.

The location was 76 Adelaide St. W.  Toronto.

Subsequently, the club was moved to 50 Eglinton E. 5th floor.

Since 2011 the club was moved to 50 Eglinton E. ground floor.

On January 2013, the club was moved from the ground floor of 50 Eglinton Ave. E. to the 2nd floor.

Our Toronto Club President since 2003, Nancy Spence has decided to step down as of June 2017.
Her years of dedication to the Club is much appreciated, and we wish her well on her future endeavor!

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In Memory of Our Dedicated Members

Charles Austin - Oct. 10 1930 to Feb. 1 2016, Charles was the husband of Mary Austin, an executive member of the TCV Toronto club, Mary often spoke about him during the meetings, he will be greatly missed.

Sarah Edith K. Wallace - Jun. 30 1917 to Mar. 15 2015, Edith was one of our longest members. She has done extensive travelling, and always attended the TCV Toronto club meetings when she was in town. She will be greatly missed.

Lorna I. Hill - May 2 1926 to Jan. 11 2015, Lorna was an executive member of TCV - Toronto Club for a number of years. Prior to moving to London Ont. a few years ago, she was resposible for Fellowship. She will be greatly missed.

Joan Walmsley - Nov. 29 1933 to Dec. 24, 2014, Joan was an executive member of TCV - Toronto Club for a number of years, she will be greatly missed.

Marjorie Grant - July 27, 1933 to April 16, 2014, Marjorie was a long time valued member of the Toronto club. She was the treasurer of the Board of Directors for the Telco Community Volunteers for 14 years. As one of the founding members of TCV, she will be greatly missed, especially by the Toronto club.

Barbara Burke - May 30, 1932 to April 8, 2014, she was a member of the Heart Pillows group for the Toronto club and has volunteered with many humanitarian organizations.

John Edward Tooby passed away on Jan. 11, 2014: a past president of this club "TCV Toronto Retirees' Club"

Martha Roy: July 1912 - May 2013, she has made great contributions to our club for many years.

Florence Looby: passed away in 2013

Beryl Jordan: passed away in 2013

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